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Invest in your future
Invest in your future

Invest in your future

With supplementary pension savings

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Supplementary pension savings

State contributions
You can receive up to 4 080 CZK per year.
Tax advantages
You will save up to 7 200 CZK a year in the form of tax relief.
Employer´s contribution
You employer can also contribute to your pension savings.
You can gain up to 6,000 CZK a year
If you use your KB A Card or Lady Card, we wiil add 1 %, up to 500 CZK a month to your pension savings account.
The product is intended for all
Regardless of their nationality or citizenship.

Note: the amount of state contributions and the amount saved in taxes is already calculated according to the new legislation valid from 1. 1. 2024 and 1. 7. 2024.

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Please note that supplementary pension savings come with certain risks - the value of your investment is not guaranteed and may fluctuate, depending on the market situation. For more information, see the key information of each participation fund. 

Our funds

State contributions link to your contributions

Participant’s contribution (CZK/month)State contribution (CZK/month) 
valid till 30. 6. 2024
State contribution (CZK/month) 
valid from 1. 7. 2024
1 000230
1 700 and more230

Good to know

  • The product allows for long-term savings with state support with the goal to contribute to financial well-being at the retirement age.
  • The product comprises of your monthly contributions and state contributions that are linked to your monthly contributions; it is also possible to obtain contributions from your employer (it depends on whether your employer provides savings contributions as a benefit).
  • Funds can be taken out at any time after two years of SPS payments.

More information

Informations about supplementary pension savings
Complete information about pension savings. 396.6 kB PDF

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